Welcome to The Beautiful (Heart) Project

IMG_2531Beautiful (Heart) Project is my life study of:

  • The All Important Need for God,
  • What it means to Truly Live in His Grace,
  • Learning Forgiveness: for others and myself,
  • Raising Beautiful Children,
  • Joy, Peace, Patience, Perserverance, Passion, Beauty,
  • Most of all: to learn how to LOVE.

Just a girl with a passion for God’s Kingdom…

Primarily raised in South/Central Texas, I do consider myself [kind of] a “Texan”! My parents divorced when I was a baby, both remarried and had more children.  I lived primarily with my Mom, Stepfather, half-brother and sister and spent my summers with my Dad, Stepmother (who is lovingly referred to as my “step monster) and two half-sisters.  Dad lived in Flagstaff until I was entering High School, then moved to Washington State. Summers in WA were always a great relief from the heat and humidity of South Texas!

I’ll give some bullet points and leave the rest for this blog.😉

  • I am a photographer.
  • Journaling, reading and studying were a major part of my younger years (and are still today.)
  • I dreamed (and still do) of traveling, writing books, being a photo journalist, adventurer, and a doctor.
  • imageBallet and classical music have always been soothing to me- the first paycheck ($1) I ever received was from dancing in the Nutcracker when I was 6.
  • Chocolate, cinnamon bears and strong coffee- all my constant indulgences since a very young age.
  • The ocean is my favorite place on Earth.
  • I Hate Cacti.
  • I Love Flowers and I love to watch the Sky.
  • Shoes, purses, makeup, skin care and body products are all way too exciting for me to give up at this point. (I do, however, attempt to sell or give away the excess.)
  • I feel strongly that women should always wear “foundations” under their clothing…not matter how hot it is outside.
  • The only constant in my life is God.
  • imageOnce set free into the world, my adventurous and rebellious side kicked into high-gear for approximately 15 years.
  • Many lessons learned and a bunch of scars to show for it (and a tattoo that no one would guess I have, until I wear a short sleeved shirt….yeah. It’s big and on my arm. So there.)
  • Now called to the highest purpose, with One focus: to live ever so humbly in love.


Although I don’t feel old…yet…I do feel the need to stay beautiful as I age. I’m not referring to physical beauty…not completely, anyway. I am referring to the beauty that radiates from the HEART.  The kind that can only come from true love; the kind that takes real work to maintain.

IMG_2984My lessons have been beautiful, painful and sometimes downright humiliating.

My goal:  find truth.

Far from a professional writer, however, strongly convicted to share “my story”… We purify our hearts by obeying the truth.

“Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for each other, love one another deeply, from the heart.” – 1 Peter 1:22

❤️Beautiful in His sight,

For more “ABOUT ME” and to view some of my current projects: BEAUTIFUL THINGS THAT MAKE ME SMILE.


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  1. Greta, just wanted to say I appreciated some of your comments over at the Isaiah 53 blog. It was heartening to see someone trying to show a bit of love in the debate about people who have left Christianity. I suspect I am one of folk James had in mind in his post (he seems to have banned me from posting on his blog, the last 10 or so comments I posted just disappeared – and they were not rude).

    I found the tone of the post at Isaiah 53 and subsequent discussion very sad. Perhaps I am evil and deceitful, but I don’t feel that I am. I might be mistaken, but I do hope I am at least sincere. Leaving Christianity was the hardest I did in my life, the pain is still intense, far worse than the death of someone you love, it is like your whole life has been ripped apart. But what can you do, when you just can’t believe any more?

    It is heartening to see at least someone with concern for their fellow human beings, thank you.

    If I am wrong and are to be tortured for all eternity in Hell, all I can say is that I tried to believe.


    • Hi Peter,
      I’m Jodee. Please don’t think I was “evesreading” – I mean you no harm at all, I’m a fan of Greta’s reading her blog. I’d be remiss though if I neglected to tell you up front that I am a Christian — an evangelical Christian to be exact, and my heart literally broke for you when you said you left your faith because you couldn’t believe and it appears that you’ve decided that if you’re wrong for making that decision and are going to spend eternity in hell so be it because you tried to believe. Hell is real my brother and it’s one of two destinations for us when this earthly body passes.
      I know you don’t know me, but it burns in my spirit to perhaps reconcile you to your doubts. I understand that faith can be hard at times, it’s putting your trust in something you can’t see or feel. When I get on an airplane, believe me, I ONLY get on it because I have faith that it can fly. I don’t know how it does it or why – I just know it does. I’ve been a Christian for years, but there are still many days that I have to ask God to increase my faith; and He does.
      How long ago did you receive salvation? Did you have another brother in the faith that was further along in his walk with God helping you to grow in your faith? I’ve seen it happen so many times, even in my own home church, a person receive salvation, we baptize them, they join the church and bam… they’re on their own. The Apostle Paul speaks against this in several places in the New Testament. We can never move from “spiritual milk” to solid food if we don’t have someone come along beside us and disciple us, grow us in our faith – so we become hopeless.
      Could this be the case rather than unbelief? If it’s ripping your life apart and the pain is more intense than losing a loved one (actually you’d be losing the most beloved one), and it’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done, I’d say that rather than your faith being gone, it’s just not strong — strong enough to fight the spiritual warfare you’re in right now. From the moment of salvation, the evil one tries his best to win you back. Spiritual warfare is going on all around us 24-7! You must pray on God’s Armor, Ephesians 6, every day to defend yourself from his fiery arrows. I would highly recommend praying Psalm 91 as well, Peter.
      Again, I don’t know what the circumstances are behind you wanting to leave your eternal inheritance, love and protection from our Father but there truly is no love like His. I personally wouldn’t be here to write to you if it weren’t so. It’s all written down… His inspired Word, for you and me. The Bible. May you be blessed with His Holy reassurance of His love, protection, security and tenderness as He sings over you while you sleep.
      In Christ’s love,
      His daughter, Jodee

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      • Hi Jodee
        Thanks for your concern, I appreciate that.

        I was a considered a leader in my Church. Indeed I had been ordained as an assistant pastor. If anything was a trigger for my demise it was a deeper study of the Bible and Christianity in general, especially Christian history. One day it hit me that the Bible stories may not be literally true (specifically Exodus). I then asked myself, ‘what if this is not true’?

        As soon as I asked myself that question many issues that I had obviously been holding back, regarding Christian experience, theology, Christian history and ‘issues’ with the Bible came to the fore. There is much I could write on this matter, but I don’t think it would be fair to Greta to do that.

        I withdrew from Church leadership in an effort to sort out my issues. I have spent almost 7 months looking into these issues in great depth. Perhaps I could best summarise my position by saying that emotion points us to faith but reason points us away from it.

        To believe I need to understand why would God allow us to have the Bible we have? Perhaps the stories are only intended to be allegories rather than actual history?

        Thanks for taking time to read my comment.

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  2. Thanks for following my blog, Greta! Love your openness and your high view of God. You have a really nice site here. Look forward to reading more. God bless you, dear sister in Christ. ~Joyce

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  3. Hello Greta! Have finally got a down day so am enjoying exploring your blog and reading it’s beautiful message! Looks like you have been super busy. Hope I am right in saying your blog has a completely new look since I visited last! I love the visual approach. Your catchy titles together with the gorgeous photography make me want to click and read more!

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    • Hi Leanne! Yes, I’ve been crazy busy…and still am! This summer has been stacked with unpredictable excitement!
      You are also correct- when we took blogging 101, I learned a lot about the design aspect. I also found out I’m a camera fiend. Lol
      Your beautiful compliments and noticing the changes means ALOT to me! I greatly appreciate your feedback and I’m happy to hear you had a chance to relax and explore. I’m praying for that chance to arrive soon!!! (Btw- I have LOTS of travel trinket photos on my computer from all of our summer travels- I thought of you every time I took a picture of a trinket!)

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  4. Hi Greta! I am nominating you for the Starlight Blogger Award. I have truly enjoyed your uplifting and positive posts. You can read about it here: http://elihuscorner.com/2015/07/17/the-starlight-blogger-award/


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    • Thank you for your words, Elihu! To God be the glory! Without Him, my words would just be boring old words (which they are…lol, however, God has blessed me with lessons and then praise!)
      Since I’m fairly new at the process, it might take me a couple of days to put this together properly. I realized I forgot to notify the nominees on the sunshine award…eeek! I promise not to forget to notify this time! (I’m Not a good direction reader…)

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  5. I love your story Greta! Thanks for stopping by my site and for following. I am honored and look forward to seeing more on your site as well.

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  6. Dear Greta. Although I am leaving Pearls, my blog behind soon. I wish to still follow your blog. Thank you for being part of my faithful Core<3

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  7. Hello Greta. I too am participating in Blogging 101 and glad to found a fellow writer to follow! It is wonderful to hear and read glorious praise of God as He is my inspiration as well. God bless and look forward to reading more. 🙂

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  8. tabitha59reachingout June 9, 2015 — 12:11 PM

    Nice to get to know you better, Greta. Take heart about those tears of shame and regrets. Nothing is wasted when we give it all to Jesus. He is the Great Redeemer and He will take those things and use them mightily for His glory. Bless you. 🙂 Debbie

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  9. Greta, Glad to connect with you. Thanks for following FIGHTER FAITH. My book One of the Few is coming out soon. Sign up for early notification and I’ll send you a free copy of my e-booklet Far Better Men. oneofthefewbook.com

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  10. Beautiful Greta!

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